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What's Going On In There?

NWC Inc. is busy busy busy lately. Right now, we're getting ready for Bruce Boardman to test a bevy of BSM (Business Service Management) suites which will track all our transactions and tell us ... something about our business.
Getting NWC Inc. ready for Bruce means some additional applications and infrastructure, so yours truly has been installation apps and writing code frantically to get everything in place for Bruce's testing.
At the same time, we're gearing up for a Business Intelligence suite review. We'll be examining NWC Inc.'s massive amounts of data to search for trends (which widgets are hot, which ones are not) and which region of the world likes to buy which widgets, and why has Mike Fratto been ordering so many widgets for only 5 cents??
We'll start our testing in July to get ready for an October issue, so watch this space for updates and juicy tidbits about NWC Inc.'s widgets as we dig into the data with Business Intelligence suites.