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What's Going On?

This week we managed to successfully integrate WebSphere 5.0 with our AD server, which was a cool thing to do. Softerra's LDAP Browser is a wonderful thing, mainly because it let us quickly browse AD and figure out what the DN should be ;-) Finding a user to bind with, however, was another story, but we managed to do that as well and soon WebSphere was happily authenticating us against LDAP.
We're gearing up to put Web Services platforms to the test and, in the midst of all that fun, beginning to prepare ourselves to migrate from AD and Exchange 2000 to AD and Exchange 2003, because it's about time we did and because we want to consolidate the servers. Right now we're using 2 and we're going to put both AD and Exchange on the same machine to save some space and hopefully reduce some of the heat issues that still crop up from time to time.
We've also got a ton of storage stuff in the lab at the moment. We've got more TB of space available than we have a right to have. Of course most of it isn't yet networked and what is networked isn't ready for the NWC Inc. network. I suspect it'll be ready soon and that's a good thing because the Spanstor keeps yelling at us about being low on disk space. I've been deleting backup images from the first half of the year in an attempt to make it happy but apparently I'm not deleting fast enough.
I really want to just "rm -f *" but I've been warned against that and for the moment I'm doing things by the book, even though it is a painfully slow method of managing files.