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What a hectic day! The

What a hectic day!
The good news is that the alarm system works. Apparently the management company in the building tried to let in the electricians early this morning and set of the alarm, resulting in a series of phone calls to Steve, myself and the police. Steve handled it and the day began.
By the time I got in there was a large truck with our APC racks on the back. Nice looking units, but too large to fit in the elevator until the "elevator man" came and took off the headknocker - seriously, that's what Steve said he called it - the lights that show whether it's going up or down.
The air conditioner was kicked on today, ready to handle the additional heat. Hopefully tomorrow we'll have some additional servers installed and ready to be racked, providing that we can manage to maneuver around the multitude of boxes that have been delivered over the past few days.