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WebSphere is running! It isn't

WebSphere is running! It isn't doing anything spectacular, but it is running!
DB2 is running! I am using DTS to send the customer data to DB2 right now. It is running. And running. And will likely be running on Monday when I come in. It had accomplished trasnferring a mere 14,000 records when I left. It needs to hit 600,000. The rest of the tables will be exported to a text file and loaded by DB2. DTS is not going to cut it for this transfer.
The strange orange light appeared again on one of the servers. I shut it off and Steve will take a peek at it to see what's going on. These are brand new servers and I'm hoping that it's just not getting enough power. Cross your fingers!
Things are chugging away at this point. Hopefully the financial software will show up Monday so we can install the last piece of software needed. Then it's just configure, configure and code code code.