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We Pick the World's Biggest SAN

Who's got the world's biggest SAN?

Three months after our first attempt to answer that question, we've got a fresh crop of candidates.

As before, we've focused on profiling organizations with storage networks in the petabyte range. Some of these, like AOL's, are fairly well documented. Others, like Snapfish's or the U.S. Navy's, are still in the building stage, but show every sign of growing to monumental proportions.

Some of the networks we've written up in our two feature articles aren't actually SANs at all. The Internet Archive, for instance, is based on an enormous Ethernet backbone populated by Linux servers, a la the rumored setup of Google's storage network. But we think the fact that it's built for storage qualifies it for our list.

So who's the biggest of them all? An absolute answer isn't possible, since storage networks from entities like Wal-Mart and Google are rumored to be just as enormous as the ones we've covered. But details on those installations are kept tightly under wraps, making it impossible to determine who's in fact got the world's biggest SAN.

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