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We made major progress today.

We made major progress today.
The electrician hardwired the main rack today, and it is now waiting on the inspector and the installation of a meter by our local utility. It's one sexy hunk of metal. Of course, it took Steve and two other guys to manhandle it through the door, but it's in the lab.
The mail and app servers are up and running, or at least they have an OS and are networked now. The web server is up and running too.

Tomorrow it's back to fighting with Exchange and ADS. I won't go any further on that subject right now because this is a family blog. At least that's the excuse I'm using to avoid discussing the problems with getting Exchange running because I couldn't possibly do it without using obscenities. Perhaps once I figure out exactly why it isn't working I'll be able to articulate the issues in a sensible manner.
I expect our general ledger software to be delivered the end of this week or early next week. By the time it arrives we should be ready to install.