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We are so cool... terms of temperature in the lab, that is.
Anyone who has had the pleasure of visiting NWC Inc. lately has noticed that it's really warm near the servers. Too warm, in fact. Last week the temp starting rising, and rising...until Friday I was getting e-mail like this:
-- Report from Network Computing Green Bay Real World Lab at, at Oct 28, 2005 12:45:45p --

Notification 3 of 4 in the third alert level
The temperature is 90. The high limit has been exceeded

Turns out the air conditioning lines were frozen. Our friendly management company took care of the problem and this morning I was greeted by a NetBotz report that said:

Temperature: 67.1 degrees F {value normal}
Humidity: 44% {value normal}
Airflow: 120 feet/minute {threshold not enabled}

Dayam! Even the airflow is better - we've been hovering around 40 feet/minute - but that 67 degrees is music to my ears. Ahhhh... it's downright chilly in there now. And just in time for me to start gearing up for our ESB review...excellent.