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That Was Now...This is Then: Reader Anecdotes

New Additions: 1/23/04

Virginia Kavan:

Although I now support Windows 2000 servers and several enterprise-wide applications, I began my data processing career back in 1977 - working with a number of IBM mainframe operating systems (OS/VS1 before multiple virtual machines or multiple logical partitions were available; eventually supporting MVS/ESA and VM/ESA in various capacities. My primary application support was VM host-based email; word processing; and spreadsheet support - all delivered from a single "server". Working with applications such as OfficeVision; understanding system performance and resource management provided a solid foundation for transitioning my skills to supporting Windows 2000 servers in my organization.

Douglas A Ward:

I am rather hesitant to say it, but the Netscape/Microsoft war stimulated my reassurgance from a Fortran dead end in college to a new career...
HTML got me warmed up, and then Pre-Net ASP created a career. And now the CSS and JavaScript convergence of Netscape/Mozilla and Internet Explorer promises the ultimate "use anywhere" GUI.
Whatever you decide to use for the backend, the front end belongs to everyone. It is kind of a visual "esparanto" whose universal vocabulary is graphics and page link placement.
I can maneuver through websites in any language.

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