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Wanted: Trustworthy Test Data

If you buy into Adam Smiths theory of Capitalism, everything works out for the best in the market -- even the storage market. The "unseen hand" ensures that "corrections" are eventually made. Over time, inferior products are replaced by products offering greater value. Even monolithic vendors, who impose their will by sheer market share, are eventually toppled by worthy up-and-coming competitors. And someone eventually gets fired for buying IBM, EMC, et al. The unseen hand moves the market inexorably forward to greater and greater efficiency.

Figure 1:

In the realm of technology, especially storage technology, the rational basis for product selection distills down to product performance. Applications require certain services from infrastructure. Some applications create data that is updated frequently and accessed by many users or processes, others create data that is written once and read often by many, and still others write data that is never referenced again. In between, there are many permutations.

Added to update and access frequency are considerations like regulatory requirements for retention, deletion, privacy, and non-repudiation. Looking at storage product requirements from a business process level, you see many criteria for sorting out your technology options. But in a production IT setting, update and access requirements are key, which in turn makes product performance key to decision-making.

Where's the Performance Data?

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