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WAN Optimization Inches On

1:00 AM -- No good deed goes unpunished. Recent news shows there's room for improvement in wide area file services (WAFS) and WAN optimization, despite a slew of product introductions.

Case in point: Packeteer has incorporated its Mobiliti client (a file acceleration tool formerly from Tacit) in the same software package with SkyX, which boosts TCP/IP applications. The vendor also has upgraded its SkyX Accelerator 750 with the ability to optimize data on Sonet OC-12 connections at rates to 622 Mbit/s. (See Packeteer Integrates SkyX, Mobiliti and Packeteer Delivers Backup.)

Good news for sure. It is nearly a year since Packeteer bought WAFS vendor Tacit for $78 million. (See Packeteer Picks Tacit.) And it's less than six months since the vendor acknowledged the difficulties caused by the integration of Tacit into its lineup. (See Packeteer's WAFS Wobble.) This should help.

But support for 622 Mbit/s isn't the same as support for 1 Gbit/s, an increasingly favored link in corporate networks.

No worries. Packeteer plans a new SkyX hardware platform for 1-Gbit/s for release within the next 18 months. Meanwhile, "622 is still a huge improvement," a spokesman says.

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