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VMware Launches View 3

VMware has announced the general availability of View 3, which organizations can use to "decouple" desktop PCs from specific physical devices or locations. By doing so, companies can create a personalized view of an employee's desktop, applications, and data -- called "myView" -- that is securely accessible at any time from almost any device. In addition, VMware View 3 enables IT personnel to provision and manage thousands of data center-based virtual desktops simply, securely and with substantially lower operating costs.

VMware View 3 supports new products and technologies, including the following:

  • VMware View Composer uses Linked Clone technology to create virtual desktops rapidly from a master image while consuming up to 70 percent less storage space.
  • VMware ThinApp is bundled with VMware View 3 to enable simplified application packaging and deployment to a virtual desktop environment.
  • Offline Desktop intelligently and securely moves virtual desktops between the data center and a local laptop or desktop, increasing user productivity while providing secure mobility.
  • Unified Access provides desktop administrators with a single management platform for multiple types of sessions.
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