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VMware Intros Lab Manager

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- VMware, Inc., the
global leader in software for industry-standard virtualized desktops and
servers, today announced the general availability of VMware Lab Manager 2.5,
the latest version of the industry's leading virtual lab automation system.
VMware Lab Manager enables users of VMware Infrastructure 3 to automate the
setup, capture, storage and sharing of multi-machine software configurations,
enabling IT organizations to more efficiently provision and manage software
development and test lab assets, producing significant IT cost savings and
accelerating the delivery of higher quality software and systems.

Customers worldwide across 35 industries have adopted VMware Lab Manager
since its release in December 2006. Building on the product's early success,
leading quality management suites now integrate with VMware Lab Manager and
the product offers new features designed to further automate its
administration and use. VMware today also unveiled a VMware Lab Manager ROI
calculator to help IT teams better quantify and communicate the product's
potential value to their organizations. The ROI calculator is free of charge
and available today at

"We were reaching our limit in space, power and data drops needed to
support the amount of equipment required by our software developers and test
teams," said Jay Leone, lab manager at Avaya. "With VMware Lab Manager we not
only curbed server sprawl, but we were able to reduce power and data drop
usage by 50 percent -- and also freed up more than 1,000 square feet of
physical space in decommissioned hardware. In addition, VMware Lab Manager has
helped us reduce the IT staff time associated with setup and tear down of
complex development and test environments by 90 percent."

"IT organizations can leverage virtualization broadly to more efficiently
deliver IT services and achieve benefits across the organization," said
Stephen Elliot, director, enterprise systems management, IDC. "Besides
production data centers, IT organizations should consider virtualizing their
application development and test labs to further reduce application support
and management costs, and decrease application provisioning cycles. This is a
strategic IT decision that drives efficiencies across the IT organization to
achieve business objectives."

VMware Inc.