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VMware Demos Virtual Desktops

CANNES, France -- VMware, Inc.
(NYSE: VMW), the global leader in virtualization solutions from the desktop to the datacenter, today demonstrated the future of desktop computing to more than 4,500 attendees at VMworld Europe.

Across the globe customers who have standardized on VMware for server virtualization are now poised to bring the benefits of virtualization to the desktop. By extending the VMware platform to the desktop, IT administrators can deploy virtual machines on every PC and deliver a complete desktop experience that is easy to manage, fast to deploy, less costly to maintain, always-current and radically more secure.

Virtual machines deployed on desktops are protected from disaster, disruption, attack, or theft and are therefore the best environments in which to run applications and store user files and data. In addition, VMware virtual desktops are always-current because thousands of virtual machines can be updated instantly from the datacenter without touching a single desktop. Workforces running VMware virtual desktops get a full PC experience both online and offline, allowing them to work from anywhere and be more productive.

"Virtualization is fundamentally changing the desktop and providing a better way to manage the desktop experience," said Jeff Jennings, vice president of desktop products and solutions at VMware. "VMware virtual desktops enable a one-to-many deployment model, making it easy to update to a new version of an application, rollout entirely new applications, or deploy the most current operating system. VMware is also making it possible for workers to take their virtual desktops with them as they travel or work from home."

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