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Vista's 'Bounce' To Add 100,000 U.S. IT Jobs, Says Report

Microsoft's Windows Vista will give a 100,000-job "bounce" to U.S. IT employment next year, a study released Monday said.

The report, which was done by research firm IDC and commissioned by Microsoft, is similar to one published in September by IDC that claimed Vista would create 50,000 new jobs in Europe. Microsoft released that report in the midst of tense negotiations with the European Union's antitrust agency over possible infringements of a 2004 ruling by Vista.

"One of the reasons why we commissioned this [new] report was because of requests from our partners," says Mike Burk, a program manager with the Vista team. U.S. partners, he says, wanted data on the impact of Vista on the overall Microsoft ecosystem.

"We wanted to show the role the role that Vista will play in the U.S. economy," Burk says.

The IDC report also estimated that the total job impact of Vista would be in the 1.8 million range over the course of 2007. The vast majority of those jobs, however, will be carryovers from earlier editions of Windows, Burk acknowledged, notably Windows XP. About 100,000 new positions will be directly related to Vista.

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