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VCs Join IBM's Group

SAN JOSE, Calif. — At an event in Palo Alto, Calif. on Wednesday (Dec. 14), an advisory board of leading venture capitalists are expected to join the group. The venture capitalists will help propel the organization's efforts in driving increased investment in IBM Corp.’s Power processor technology.

The Venture Capitalist Advisory Board members will include David Liddle, managing partner, USVP; Lip Bu Tan, managing partner, Walden International; Robert Jelski, partner, 3i Ventures; Rob Chandra, general partner, Bessemer; and Carl Everett, partner, Accel Partners.

The board will work with to analyze and validate new disruptive hardware technologies and strategies, driving momentum around Power Architecture technology.

Fifteen companies, including chip designers and manufacturers, last year unveiled an open standards initiative centering on IBM’s Power microprocessor architecture. The partners predicted the effort called would spark innovation in the design of consumer electronics, networking, automotive and IT. They plan to pool resources to create new devices and components based on Power chips.

On Wednesday, three new companies will join as member organizations, including IP-Extreme, Nallatech, and Azul Systems.

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