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VaultUSA Acquires MoreStor

MIDDLEBORO, Mass. -- Online data backup and disaster recovery solution provider Vault USA today announces its acquisition of MoreStor Vault, an online backup and recovery service offering launched by More Group, Inc. The deal coincides with the acquisition of More Group, Inc., by Forsythe Solutions Group, an industry leading IT infrastructure integrator.

Simultaneous to the acquisitions, Forsythe has signed an agreement to become a Vault USA service provider, meaning they will offer Vault USAs solutions not only to the More Group customers that currently utilize the service, but also to their North American customer base.
“This is an incredible move not only for the companies involved,” says Vault USA CEO Thomas M. Gelson, “but also for the 500 plus MoreStor Vault customers who will now experience a new level of excellence with the Vault USA service model.”

Vault USA