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The Users' View on VMware

Now that the brouhaha surrounding Diane Greenes shock departure from VMware has died down a bit, we thought that it would be interesting to see what people really think about recent events at the virtualization giant.

Initial reaction to the shock move is mixed, at least according to the respondents of a recent Byte and Switch poll.

Exactly a third of the 200-plus IT managers taking part in the survey feel that Greene’s departure spells good news for VMware, although the same number see her ouster as “a massive blow” for the firm. Some 34 percent of respondents feel that the CEO is swap is “just part and parcel” of boardroom life in the tech industry.

The majority of people taking part in the poll nonetheless feel that VMware’s biggest challenge is dealing with competition from Citrix and Microsoft’s Hyper-V. Just 12 percent of respondents cited the economic climate as new CEO Paul Maritz’s biggest headache.

Despite the recent boardroom reshuffle, there is clearly still plenty of faith in the VMware brand. A mere 8 percent of those taking part in the survey listed "convincing potential customers that it is a stable ship" as the company’s biggest current problem.

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