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Users Control RAID

ORLANDO, Fla. -- A powerful new RAID storage system from SGI (NASDAQ: SGIC) will help organizations meet the escalating bandwidth and I/O demands of today's performance-driven applications. Unveiled today, the SGI(R) InfiniteStorage 4600 augments the InfiniteStorage product line, extending its ability to provide leading-edge data management solutions to scientific, engineering and high-performance business environments.

The SGI InfiniteStorage 4600 is targeted at data-intensive applications, high I/O workloads, and large-scale consolidation. The new system answers the escalating data management needs of today's workflows with the flexibility to combine an array of network interfaces and disk drives in a single system.

SGI this week is demonstrating the new system -- along with the SGI(R) InfiniteStorage line of data management solutions -- in Booth 700 at Storage Networking World.

The company's flagship RAID system, the SGI InfiniteStorage 4600, deploys seventh-generation technology within a proven solution architecture built on more than 25 years of industry-leading high-performance storage expertise. SGI combines that expertise with the company's unique ability to seamlessly integrate the InfiniteStorage 4600 solution into any high-performance computing (HPC) or high-performance business (HPB) environment, while providing the agility to support hybrid computing workflows.

"Constantly growing data sets, the increasing demands placed on storage systems by complex applications, consolidation, virtualization, and the simple need to add capacity -- all these factors have made storage requirements a constantly moving target," said Raj Das, vice president of storage, SGI. "Today's performance organizations require a flexible storage solution, one that cost-effectively delivers leading performance and scales to fit workflow demands. As the flagship RAID system in the SGI storage portfolio, the InfiniteStorage 4600 meets those criteria today, while providing plenty of headroom for growth in the future."

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