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US Army Chooses 3PAR

FREMONT, Calif. -- 3PAR, the leading provider of Utility Storage, announced today that the U.S. Army has selected 3PAR Utility Storage with 3PAR Thin Provisioning and 3PAR Remote Copy to support its mission-essential Distributed Learning System (DLS) group. DLS selected 3PAR Utility Storage for its ease of use, cost-effective disaster recovery, simple implementation and ability to reduce the cost of storage capacity by 50% or more.

With 3PAR Utility Storage, we are able to provide training for U.S. Army Soldiers and units--anytime, anywhere--for significantly reduced physical storage cost and effort,” said Bob Hall, Storage Architect for DLS. “3PAR enables us to achieve our training objectives by providing cost-efficient access to critical training programs that are essential to mission success.”

Additionally, DLS uses 3PAR technology to effectively manage the Army’s DLS Continuity of Operations Program (COOP) objectives, which aim to provide minimal disruption to Army training and support for DLS in the event of a system failure or a disaster. To help achieve the required level of reliability, DLS purchased two 3PAR InServ Storage Servers featuring two unique 3PAR Thin technologies--Remote Copy disaster recovery software and hyper-efficient Thin Provisioning. After evaluating various systems, DLS found that 3PAR could provide the level of simplicity, flexibility and cost-effectiveness it needed.

With 3PAR, DLS improved the reliability of its training program and cut the potential cost of storage capacity by 50% using 3PAR Thin Provisioning. In fact, with Thin Provisioning, DLS was able to provision considerably more logical capacity than would have been economically feasible with traditional storage, thereby easing ongoing administration. To allocate an equivalent amount of application capacity with traditional storage platforms would have required many times the physical capacity actually used by DLS.

3PAR Remote Copy will also deliver dramatic cost savings by enabling DLS to implement long-distance disaster recovery over IP with absolutely no vendor professional services required. Additional savings stem from 3PAR’s Thin Copy technology, which ensures that remotely copied volumes only consume physical storage for written-to capacity, not allocated capacity.

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