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UK Hosts Grid Technologies Event

MANCHESTER, U.K. -- The Open Grid Forum, a vendor neutral community representing over 400 organisations in 50 countries, is pleased to announce that the UK will host the 20th Open Grid Forum
(OGF20) on May 7th - 11th. The event will see end-users, developers and vendors from across the world join forces to help accelerate the adoption of grid technologies in science and industry. OGF20 will be co-located with the 2nd Enabling Grids for E-science (EGEE) User Forum, making a unique gathering of grid experts from around the world.

In the UK, Grid Computing Now!, a three year government funded initiative, has been championing the use of grid computing in public and private sector organisations since February 2005. It is holding its first business orientated conference, 'Grid Means Business', at OGF20, which will focus on the business benefits offered by grid computing, providing a comprehensive overview and update on the state of adoption of these technologies in organisations across the world.

"OGF20 gives us the perfect opportunity to showcase the potential of grid computing and show how it is underpinning some of the most dynamic IT infrastructures in the world," said Ian Osborne, Project Director, Grid Computing Now! "I am confident that the real world examples and case studies covered in the 'Grid Means Business' stream will prove that grid can really reduce IT costs and provide a flexible, scaleable IT infrastructure to support business better."

The conference will include sessions introducing grid computing and addressing the benefits and challenges of the technology. They include:

  • Keynote presentations by Tony Hey, Vice President of Technical
    Computing at Microsoft and Mark Linesch, the President of the Open Grid Forum.
  • Presentations from executives at eBay, Colt Telecom, Citigroup,
    Oracle, BT and the 451 Group, and Micron.
  • User case studies highlighting business benefits focused on
    areas from paths to adoption, to security issues, collaborative grids and software licensing
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