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U of Michigan Reveals Google-Based Digitization Project

The University of Michigan has revealed details of an ambitious, six-year, 400-Tbyte book digitization and storage project involving Google and Isilon.

The Michigan Digitization Project will make digital copies of the universitys 7.5 million books, which will be stored in a massive clustered storage system from Isilon. The school will link its work with Google's Book Search project.

Launched in 2006, Google Book Search aims to create a virtual card catalogue of all books in all languages. Designed to work like a typical Web search, Book Search also provides links to digitized versions of older books that are not subject to copyright.

”The Google Book Search side of this is hugely ambitious -- by working with Google we can digitize millions of volumes and get past the problem of books crumbling on the shelves,” says John Wilkin, associate librarian at the University of Michigan.

Wilkin explains that Google will scan the university’s books, sending one copy back to Michigan and keeping a second copy for its Book Search.

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