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Two-Thirds & Counting

3:20 PM -- Of the 200-odd messages in my inbox this morning, two-thirds were instantly deletable by virtue of their subject lines:

  • No more love life problems
  • Your refill is ready
  • Don't Be inadequate anymore!
  • 2 days left
  • Make major bucks running online casino

Besides these, I cut a bunch more messages about things nice people don't talk about. At work, anyway.

My personal spam scan takes about ten minutes each morning, so I assume much larger organizations face an even bigger chore. But unless the offal is skimmed off, automatically or otherwise, it could take up space in those new unstructured data archives everyone's talking about.

Just to be sure, I checked with my IT manager and learned that our email servers at Byte and Switch have numerous spam filters. If this much spam is still getting through at our SMB, I can only imagine what the real volume is. And I know we're not alone.

Spam-stuffed mailboxes is hardly news. But the problem will come into sharper focus as demand for compliant storage increases. Even then, I'm sure corporate auditors everywhere will find their share of final offers, refills, bonuses, and chemical inducements. Pass this on to at least four of your friends.

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