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The Trouble With Enterprise 2.0

Back in December 2006, I used the title "In Search of Enterprise 2.0" in a blog. But it seems just as apt today to question the whereabouts of Enterprise 2.0 as it was back then.

It's also worth asking whether storage managers really want to know the whereabouts of this particular approach to information management.

In a press release today, the industry group known as AIIM The ECM Association issued a press release detailing the findings of a survey of 441 end users conducted in January 2008. According to the results, over 70 percent of respondents reported that Enterprise 2.0 would have at least an average impact on business goals and success. At the same time, 74 percent admitted to not knowing what Enterprise 2.0 really is.

To be perfectly clear, 41 percent of respondents stated they had "no clear understanding" of Enterprise 2.0; 33 percent said they were "vaguely familiar" with it; and 14 percent said they were "not sure how this is different from Web 2.0." Just 13 percent reported they were "well aware" of Enterprise 2.0 and ready to tackle it.

The study, commissioned in part by EMC, is a testament to the effectiveness of marketing materials thick with references to Web 2.0 or Enterprise 2.0. It also points to the gap between the real and theoretical when it comes to IT.

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