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Track Your Traffic

If your organization has a permanent connection to the Internet, then Light Reading (a sister publication of Byte and Switch) would like to offer you an opportunity to do yourself a good turn while taking part in a pioneering telecom project.

Under this scheme, you'll get a free six-month trial of a service that usually costs US$1,500 a year with no strings attached. It will enable you to monitor what your organization is doing with its Internet connection, in terms of how much traffic is being handled and whether your service provider is giving you value for money.

This data will be presented on a secure Website, using easy-to-understand color graphics. It will be updated every three minutes, enabling you to investigate problems as they arise, rather than after the event:

Figure 1:

It will also provide a historical perspective, enabling you to spot trends and see at a glance whether you're overloading (or under-utilizing) your access line:

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