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Top Ten Stars Realigned

Just in time for St. Valentine's Day, Byte and Switch presents the winter 2003 reshuffling of our Top Ten Storage Networking Stars list of the most influential people in the industry.

Of course, our hand was forced on this -- since one of our esteemed entrants got laid off (see Salomon Axes Storage Team).

Had Salomon Smith Barney consulted with us before making its abrupt decision to chop senior storage analyst Clint Vaughan, we would have told them a thing or two about Clint. He was bright and wicked fast at getting his investor notes out, which were always insightful. The loss is Salomon's. More important, it screws up our list.

Due to popular demand, Robert Montague and his team over at RBC Capital Markets will replace Vaughan. We received tons of email from readers demanding that Montague and company be on the list, so lets see how they stack up.

We've made a few other tweaks to the list. But to those of you who nominated yourselves -- or worse still, your boss! -- you know who you are. We have decided to spare you the horrible embarrassment of mentioning you by name. This time.

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