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Top Storage Networking Influencers

Like any market, storage has its most valuable players, folk whose input is considered essential when weighing best practices, designing new products, and planning strategies. One might call them top "mindshareholders."

Of course, storage networking is a volatile and complicated world. Success can be fleeting. Tactics cheered one year are booed the next. (Can you say "hierarchical storage management"? "ILM"?)

It's a world where no one is expert in everything or stays in the spotlight for very long. Someone's always waiting in the wings with a fresh perspective, a cleverer solution, a better-funded startup.

These risks don't stop us, however, from profiling folk whose rise to the top of the heap has been established. As we do every year at least once, we've assembled a list of people we think of as top movers and shakers in storage networking -- at least for now.

Let's be clear: This isn't a list of household names. What you see in this article is a list (in alphabetical order, by the way) of professionals we consider to be among top influencers in storage. Unlike Joe Tucci, Diane Greene, Dave Hitz, Hu Yoshida, Dan Warmenhoven, and Jonathan Schwartz, these people aren't icons of data center technology. But behind the scenes, they're helping to shape it in a very real way.

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