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Top 22 Mac OS X Products: Part Two

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Continued from Part 1.

from Centrix


Those of you old enough to have worked regularly on Mac OS 9 remember the Mac OS 9 Location Manager. It was a way to make switching network configurations dead simple. The reason for this was that Mac OS 9 couldn't do multilink multihoming, so if you wanted to switch your connection from wireless to Ethernet, you had to manually switch the active interface. Over time, you could tie a few things to that...start applications, set printers, etc.

With Mac OS X, the main reason for Location Manager died, but not the desire for the ability to say "I'm going somewhere else, do this." Actually, I rarely used Location Manager for changing network configs. I used it as a spiffy little application and configuration manager. There have been attempts to replicate Location Manager in Mac OS X throughout the years, but none ever did anything for me, until an acquaintance of mine, Phil Letourneau, part of Centrix, asked me to play with it.

I have to say, the folks at Centrix did it right. It has a nice UI, comes with a solid number of pre-built actions, and it lets me run AppleScripts, so I can have it do all sorts of neat things just by changing "location." I'm testing some internal stuff with it, but so far, it's the best location manager I've seen, and the first one I've wanted to use on Mac OS X since well, Mac OS X.

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