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Top 11 Lame IT Pickup Lines

Thanks to everyone who submitted entries for last week's call for
the Top 11 lame IT pick up lines. We were stunned and impressed by the
number of "quality responses." So even before we publish the final, best
of the best, here's a little taste of some of our favorites. Kids, don't
try these at your home bar.

  • So, what's your OS? -- Erik Dauplaise
  • I am not a stalker but I have googled you and find you acceptable -- Bob Vandenberg
  • What's an end-user like you doing in a main distribution facility like this? -- David Mitchell
  • I've prepared a brief PowerPoint presentation outlining all the ways you're really hot -- Sam Farris
  • Was your dad a thief? cause he stole the Half Life 2 code and programmed your eyes -- Andrew Coogan
  • Are your ports tingling? 'Cause I've been pinging you all night... -- Steven Barron Grafing
  • What do you say we go back to my place for some SSH and then let me check out your TCP/IP stack? -- Robby Ambler
  • Let's say we ufsdump this place -- Jaime Villarreal
  • Do you believe in WI-FI at first sight? -- Steve Begay
  • I don't filter Viagra spam -- Jason Williams

Check back for our complete Top 11 list and full reader submissions soon!