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Top 10 Unusual Excuses Given for Losing Customer Data

Keeping data secure is no easy task and requires constant vigilance. Turn your back for just a moment and just like Keyser Söze -- POOF -- it's gone. All that's left then is the dubious task of explaining to your customers why their credit card information or patient data is missing.

We asked our readers to submit some unusual (and hopefully fictitious) excuses customer service reps could offer for losing a customer's precious personal data.

•"Oh, sorry. That's just the way we did it at TJMaxx."

•"Good news...the '100% Compression Algorithm' works great!"

•"Not to worry. I'm sure it's got something to do with Daylight Savings Time."

•"Relax. Your info is still safe on Second Life!"

•"I'm sorry sir, but the person you sent the files to no longer works with the company. Could you please send the files over to someone else more likely to keep his job?"

•"Well ma'am, our servers were getting full. And, well it was either 'You Tube' or 'You Data!'"

•"A credit card containing the same digits as the cursed numbers from "Lost" got into the system. Next thing we know, everything vanished. "

•"Hey don't blame us -- even I don't give this company my personal info."

•"We have special agent Jack Bauer on the situation right now. We'll get back to you in 24."

•"My name? William Gates. That's G-A-T-E-S."

Thanks to Bob Mariotti, Daniel Faria, Tony Jordan, B Girtz and Tom Flynn for their submissions.

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