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Things I learned at Interop 2006...

In keeping with my habit, here is my usual post-show post about Interop.
This time though, there will be less about vendors and more about press and analysts, because I've picked on vendors enough through the years. Though one or two did make my list for this show. As usual, most specific names have been filtered out to protect the guilty.
Ten things I learned at Interop 2006:

10. Miracles can happen. For the first time ever, we got through Chicago coming home without any cancelations or delays.

9. When a vendor tells you "ask anything you want, we trust you", ask as much as you can, they might sober up before tomorrow.

8. A good glass of Reisling will eat metal. In particular, will eat the magnetic backs for the Stampede pins that were given out.

7. Some vendors will stuff 20 bucks in your pocket, kiss your ear, and leave you standing alone on the dance floor.

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