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They Don't Need No Stinkin' VCs

Can private companies succeed in storage networking without venture capitalists? Apparently, they can and do.

Let's start at the top: Private storage companies need lots of money, and the most common source of that money is venture capital. Our Top Ten Private Company lists bear this out (see Top Ten Private Companies: Early Summer 2004). The lists show plenty of well funded startups that get money either from venture capitalists or larger public companies in exchange for part ownership.

Besides funding, VCs help form strategy, make contacts that can lead to sales, recruit executives, and swing the types of deals that can take a company public or lead to an acquisition.

In exchange, however, private companies get diluted financially, and their leaders give up a lot of control.

But VC funding isnt the only way to go. Many private storage companies appear to be successful -- at least so far -- without venture funding. Here's a sampling:

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