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Tenebril's SpyCatcher 2006

SpyCatcher begins with a configuration wizard that takes users through preferences, starting with a first spyware scan option. You can choose Quick, Deep or Custom methods (the Custom method lets you check memory, registry or disks). You can also decide whether and when to schedule automatic scans as well as what level of protection to choose. Tenebril recommends Medium protection because High will quarantine suspicious applications you may want to run without asking you.

SpyCatcher depends more on the user's judgment about whether a tagged app is a piece of malware or not than other anti-spyware programs do. For example, in its initial run on my system, SpyCatcher easily picked up a file called NTInvisible, which is part of SpyAnywhere from SpytechSoftware. However, SpyCatcher's pop-up said that it didn't know whether it was spyware or not, and asked me to decide whether to allow or exclude it. In comparison, Spybot Search & Destroy offered an immediate identification and description of the possible malware, including a URL for the associated company.

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