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Tek-Tools Releases Profiler

DALLAS -- Tek-Tools Software, the leading independent provider of resource management software solutions, announces the release of Profiler 4.1, its modular, real-time, and historical resource monitoring and reporting framework for servers, storage, connectivity, applications, and backup. Tek-Tools award-winning design offers a consolidated view of heterogeneous environments, relating storage and backup resources to the applications they support. Profiler allows end users to easily collect data, monitor, and report on critical infrastructures that both automate and simplify the management of diverse environments while also reducing operational overhead and reclaiming valuable administrative cycles via automation. The Profiler Suite consists of: ServerProfiler, StorageProfiler, BackupProfiler, and AppProfiler.

Profiler version 4.1 extends its StorageProfiler support for storage arrays, based on SNIA’s SMI-S standards, including arrays by IBM, HP, Hitachi, Sun/STK, Fujitsu, SGI, and Teradata. In addition, StorageProfiler version 4.1 supports NetApp storage systems used as SANs. The StorageProfiler module assists in ascertaining and reporting on data for logical and physical mapping, physical components, and operational status. Reports can be run in intervals to collect data over time in order to assist in managed space consumption on RAID Groups, to map storage volumes back to the host that they were assigned to, and to show how these volumes are load balanced across each storage processor on the array. StorageProfiler automates file analysis, capacity planning, and performance monitoring across heterogeneous file systems. From SAN, NAS, iSCSI to direct attached storage, users can proactively monitor, alert, and act on storage utilization levels to systematically avoid outages and insure data usage policies are within compliance. Further efficiency and security is gained with the addition of Profiler’s backup monitoring and reporting, which marries storage data to backup information for a complete view of the IT infrastructure.

"We continually work with our customer base to identify and develop the most needed solution modules to address their pain points, and the new capabilities available in Profiler 4.1 help users to make the most of their existing investments as well as evaluate where future acquisitions may be justified,” said Brian Radovich, Product Manager of Tek-Tools, Inc. “With our modular approach, we enable administrators within departments as well as enterprise-wide managers to select as much or as little pain relief as needed, instead of presenting a single, over-featured solution at a much higher cost and complexity.”

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