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T-Mobile International Set To Deploy High-Speed HSDPA

T-Mobile International will work with Nokia to deploy high-speed HSDPA 3G service in German, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, the companies announced Wednesday.

HSDPA is an add-on to UMTS, a version of 3G deployed by GSM cellular operators. HSDPA boosts typical cellular data speeds to more than 1 Mbps with theoretical and burst speeds many times that level. In the U.S., Cingular has said it will deploy HSDPA in the 2007 timeframe.

Nokia said that T-Mobile will first deploy HSDPA in Germany in 2006 and will deploy the technology in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom afterward.

While T-Mobile is advancing 3G service in Europe, T-Mobile USA, which also is a part of the larger Deutsche Telekom, has divulged any plans for 3G deployment.