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Symantec Migrates Masses Of Enterprise Desktops

Figuring to take advantage of the boom in replacement PCs, Symantec on Tuesday unveiled a new server-client system for migrating data and application settings from one Windows machine to another.

Last week, research firm Gartner estimated that 100 million PCs will be replaced this year, and nearly another 120 million in 2005, more machines than were swapped out during the 1998 and 1999 run-up to Y2K.

That's the market Symantec is after with its new Symantec Client Migration 3.0, a package that lets enterprises offer employees a self-service, Web-based migration tool for shifting everything from desktop settings and e-mail options to Microsoft Office documents and browser bookmarks from an old machine to a new system.

"Client Migration will move the complete PC personality of a user to a new system," said Thom Bailey, Symantec's director of product management in its enterprise administration group. "Operating system provisioning tools are often not sufficient," he said, and "data and desktop settings migration must be part of an overall plan for OS deployment and application provisioning."

Using technology acquired from its purchase of Virtual Access Network, a migration tool maker known for a product called The Van, Symantec has built a server-client solution, said Bailey, that offers a different approach to migration.

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