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Symantec Boosts Thin Provisioning

CUPERTINO, Calif. -- Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced enhancements to Veritas Storage Foundation that maximize the value of thin-provisioned storage environments by optimizing migrations and enabling storage reclamation. Storage Foundation leverages the industrys only cross-platform thin-provisioning optimized file system and provides the only online storage migration solution that is thin-aware to help customers capitalize on their existing storage investment and eliminate costs from purchasing new storage. In addition, Symantec is announcing the Veritas Thin Reclamation API, a new API enabling automated space reclamation for thin provisioning storage arrays.

Thin provisioning is a storage array-based technology to efficiently provision storage on demand to applications and maximize storage utilization. However, realizing the full benefit of thin provisioned storage is challenging as many file systems do not use storage capacity efficiently and existing applications cannot be intelligently migrated from traditional storage arrays into thin provisioned arrays. Without intelligent file system and storage integration, there is no way to return excess storage capacity to the storage pool over time, resulting in inefficient use of storage assets. Until today, these limitations have slowed the deployment of thin provisioned storage in the enterprise.

“Organizations are increasingly deploying thin storage arrays in order to improve storage utilization and drive operational efficiency,” said Rohit Ghai, vice president of Symantec’s Storage Foundation Group. “Now for the first time, organizations can broadly deploy thin storage with confidence, reclaiming storage during online migrations and continually optimizing the environment over time with Veritas Storage Foundation and the intelligent integration with thin storage arrays.”

Symantec Corp.