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Survey Says...?

This September, Byte and Switch will publish the results of our first enterprise user survey. We're designing it to provide a real-world temperature reading of what IT managers and storage administrators think about vendors, technology trends, and their own day-to-day job concerns.

But first, we need to conduct the survey. That's where you come in: We're asking for your help in formulating the style and scope of the survey questionnaire.

Here's your chance to pick the brains (not literally, Hannibal!) of hundreds of your peers. Gather 'round the virtual water cooler and fire away. Which are the most trusted vendors in the industry? How about the least? Are you considering an IP-based SAN if so, why? Is storage consolidation in your future? What's your salary? Favorite Tom Waits album?

It's an especially interesting time to poll storage buyers about their likes and dislikes. Enterprise users today have unprecedented power in calling the shots. Clearly, it's a buyer's market out there, largely because IT budgets are still sorely pinched (see Survey: IT Spending Still Hideous).

We've reported on several organizations that are demanding more attention – and better prices – from their systems and software providers. And they're finding new ways to solve the age-old problems of planning and managing their storage infrastructures.

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