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Sun Touts Adoption of 5800

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ:JAVA) today announced 10 new customers that are storing vast amounts of digital content on the Sun StorageTek(TM) 5800 storage system, a new category of storage that is optimized for large-scale storage of fixed data. The customers implementing the system, from a range of education, healthcare and science industries, are able to improve data integrity assurances, reliability and efficiency, while lowering their storage costs. The StorageTek 5800 system, based on the Solaris(TM) 10 Operating System (OS), is the first commercially available fixed content storage system with a commitment to open source its code, which means customers can be assured they will always be able to access their data.

Sun has already shipped more than 400 terabytes (TB) of StorageTek 5800 capacity to partners and early access customers. Customers span a range of industries, including education, healthcare and science: The Alberta Library, CareStream Healthcare, Johns Hopkins University, Max Planck Institute, Oxford University, Purdue University, Southampton University, Stanford University, University of Calgary, and the University of Michigan.

The StorageTek 5800 system is the first in a new line of third-generation object storage systems. It simplifies how objects are stored, retrieved and processed, yet with inherent data protection,” said Graham Lovell, senior director, storage servers and appliances, Sun Microsystems. “The StorageTek 5800 has raised the technology innovation bar – allowing enterprises to create petabyte-scale, safeguarded, intelligent digital repositories.”

Sun Microsystems Inc.