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Sun Reveals Roadmap

Sun is planning to reinvigorate its storage business with high-capacity tape drives, encryption technology, and a slew of solutions built around the "Thumper" server/storage device, according to execs at its annual analyst summit yesterday. (See Storage Slows Down Sun and Sun Thumps Storage-Server Hybrid.)

The vendor also revealed how a pilot of its closely guarded "Honeycomb" technology is helping Google digitize millions of books. (See Google Groans Under Data Strain and Go Google Geeks.)

Sun, which has struggled to swallow its $4.1 billion StorageTek acquisition, has apparently been keeping busy in its research labs. (See Sun Returns to Profitability and Sun to Acquire StorageTek for $4.1B. "We have a number of innovative products going on," said David Yen, executive vice president of Sun's storage division last night. "We expect to not just catch up, but leapfrog the current market."

This will involve the rollout of "the most secure" tape encryption sometime this year, according to the exec, starting with the vendor's T10000 drive.

Sun announced device-level encryption on the drive last year; although Yen says that this will now be extended to the vendor's high-end tape systems, VTLs, and open platforms. (See Sun Encrypts Tape Drive, Sun Launches Tape Libraries, Sun Fills in Storage Crypto Details, and Sun Opens Tape Again.)

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