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Sun: No End of Blades

5:40 PM -- Word that Sun Microsystems Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW) is getting out of the blade server business just ain't so, claims vendor spokesman Ryan Batty.

"We said awhile back we would be end-of-lifing our Sun Fire B1600 Blade System and its Sun Fire blades, which are based on a range of processors, including Xeon and Aphlon," Batty says from his Colorado office. But what's taking its place will be a new line of enterprise blade servers -- and other stuff -- based on Opteron processors.

The question he can't answer is "When?"

Batty also stresses that nothing's changing in Sun's Netra line of telecom blade servers.

So I guess we can "end-of-life" that bit of speculation -- for now, anyway.

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