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Sun Micro, Zeus Partner

CAMBRIDGE, U.K. and MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- Zeus Technology and Sun Microsystems today announced a partnership to deliver Zeus best-of-breed Application Delivery Controller deployed on Sun’s latest CoolThreads and x64 systems hardware running the Solaris 10 operating system. Sun’s global distribution network will carry the new end-to-end application traffic management system, a powerful new combination of Sun hardware and ZXTM (Zeus Extensible Traffic Manager).

The new offering represents an entirely new level of scalability and performance for traffic management systems, with the combined Sun hardware and ZXTM software solution able to outperform most dedicated hardware appliances, while at the same time offering an unparalleled ability to manage application traffic – even XML - using traffic scripting. Large enterprises, service providers, and online media companies will use the solution to deliver high-performance, reliable applications that meet service level agreements while minimizing operational costs.

Zeus Technology’s ZXTM application traffic management software directs incoming requests to the fastest server available and directs traffic away from slower or inactive servers, while dramatically increasing the number of users a server can support. Using software to load balance traffic across multiple servers makes it easy for enterprises to scale their applications. Thanks to ZXTM’s built-in redundancy features, users can access applications even in the event of a failure. Applications that are not designed for clustering can be scaled with session persistence, improving availability and response times, and application servers can be isolated from external networks, protecting the systems from external security threats, even including denial of service attacks and application-level hacking.

“This partnership is an excellent opportunity to bring the benefits of ZXTM to a broader market. Sun leads the industry in both price and performance, and running our award winning software on these platforms provides a robust, flexible application traffic management solution that can evolve to meet growing business needs”, said Paul Brennan, Chairman, Zeus Technology.

Zeus Technology

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