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Sun Fuels Revolution

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ:JAVA) today released significant adoption numbers for the OpenSolaris Storage community that showed over 20% growth in registered members in just six months. In addition, the community now boasts of well over 40 projects that range from a peer to peer distributed storage system to the latest drivers for storage connectivity. This growing and diverse community support for the Open Storage eco-system is comprised of Enterprise, Web 2.0 and high performance computing developers and researchers as well as storage administrators and architects from around the world. Anyone can join the Open Storage revolution by going to:

Online music discovery company OurStage ( uses these open technologies to prevent vendor lock-in and to help vendors realize greater choice, flexibility and cost savings.

As the first major vendor to recognize this industry shift to open platforms, Sun led the charge and added leading storage services and data protection functions to Solaris ZFS, introduced the world's first hybrid server and storage platform in the Sun Fire(TM) X4500 family and created the world's first Open Storage community. The innovative Solaris ZFS sets Sun apart, enabling developers and enterprise customers to leverage open source file systems and create pools of data that deliver better system performance, flexibility and value.

In just 90 days, we've witnessed significant participation levels from new OpenSolaris Storage community members and contributions of exciting storage projects, showing the world that Open Storage is real and gaining serious steam," said Jim McHugh, vice-president, Solaris marketing, Sun Microsystems, Inc. “By offering cutting edge companies like OurStage an open source operating system that includes Solaris ZFS, Sun continues to help build the community for OpenSolaris while driving adoption of our industry-leading operating system. No other company is better positioned to take advantage of this rising tide.”

In a separate release

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