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Sun Buys Q-Layer

Sun Microsystems Inc. (Nasdaq: JAVA) has acquired privately held Q-layer for an undisclosed amount to beef up its cloud computing offerings. The Belgian company makes data center modeling and management software that helps companies organize their computing resources as a cloud computing layer.

"We think Sun has great assets to offer cloud computing users. ... We want customers to take those components and package them up to make it easier to deploy their own clouds," said Juan Carlos Soto, Sun's VP of marketing for its new cloud computing unit, established a year ago.

Q-layer makes NephOS, a data center modeling and orchestration system that turns a blind eye to whether you are using VMware's ESX, open source Xen, or Sun's xVM VirtualBox hypervisor. NephOS can work with all three, generating virtual servers, assigning policies to govern them, scaling them up to meet application needs, and releasing the virtual assets to end users.

Soto said Sun was not in position to announce new cloud computing products on the first day of the acquisition but announcements will follow soon.

NephOS includes a policy engine, assigning policies to different types of virtual machines; a workflow engine to carry out scripted tasks, such as executing a virtual machine backup; billing and chargeback; orchestration of addition virtual servers; and a data center repository that stores vital configuration information on each virtual resource built.

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