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Street Talk: Cisco's Shopping

4:30 PM -- Cisco has expressed interest in NAS in recent years, and today there were rumblings that it is looking to become a full-blown NAS vendor.

That was the word on Wall Street this morning as Network Appliance's stock price rose more than 4 percent at one point on rumors that Cisco was going to acquire the systems vendor.

Two Wall Street analysts attributed the rise in NetApp's shares to the rumor, although neither believed the whispers were true. "The whole Street's hearing it," one analyst said. "I'd be surprised if it were true, though."

The analysts agreed the deal would be uncharacteristic for Cisco, which usually buys smaller companies and has denied it wants to sell storage systems.

"It's very unlikely that Cisco will make such a huge acquisition that is divergent into storage and not networking," another analyst says. "Cisco getting into storage would be a significant change in strategy."

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