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StreamShield Pressed Into Service

StreamShield Networks Ltd. says its Internet content security appliance is the basis for an upcoming managed service from the U.K.'s intY Ltd.

It's the first customer announced by StreamShield since its product debuted in June 2005. But company officials say a growing (but unspecified) number of other service providers are using or testing StreamShield's box, as IT pros look beyond their own networks for help.

The problem is clearcut. Universal Internet use, coupled with the proliferation of spyware, adware, scams, and phishing, is proving too much for IT managers to control alone. Individual PCs may be protected with antivirus programs, but all it takes is one infected email user to poison the well. Added to that, most data centers are mandated by their employers to track and control employee surfing, a further challenge.

Who better to step up to the plate than the ISP or managed service provider? If traffic can be cleaned before it hits the corporate network, a ton of woes can be avoided. Unfortunately, many products that used to be good enough for network security are based on PCs, which StreamShield maintains can't deliver sufficient performance or scaleability for the service approach.

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