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Streaming blogs and Cattle Prods

COTG Podcast - Streaming blogs and cattle prods - It's time for another Collaboration On The Go (COTG) podcast (download here). Streaming media reviews can sometimes cause quite a bit of controversy. Incorrect testing procedures, poor choices on video encoding settings, disputes on score weighting and testbed errors have all plagued streaming comparatives in the past. Fortunately, I don't think my latest streaming review had any of those problems. How can I tell? Lack of flame mail. Interestingly, the article was picked up by a bunch of Macromedia employee bloggers. Those blog entries are now in the first page when searching for streaming media reviews on Google. It's amazing, and sometimes annoying, at how high blog entries are bubbling up when searching for stuff on Google.

In todays podcast, I go over a bit of the aftermath of my streaming review and then touch on some upcoming work. After that, I put my two cents in on some recent Google news, and finish up with a splash of Pixar. You can subscribe to the COTG podcast by using this feed.

The music featured in this episode is called "Music for a Future City", by Camtarn. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license.