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Strategy Session: Our Magazine's New Look

It's been four years since Network Computing last refreshed the look of its pages, so by magazine standards we were due for a tune-up. But the redesign you see here in these pages goes far beyond the head-to-toe photo of yours truly: Our goal was to re-create the magazine to better help you use technology to meet the needs of your business.

For the print version of Network Computing, that means finding new ways to keep you informed of the latest products and trends and help you evaluate the impact they'll have on your enterprise.

And of course in our cover stories and features you'll find Impact Assessments that analyze a new technology's risks and benefits for IT, your organization and your business' overall competitiveness. Rollouts offer a first look at new hardware, software and services, analyzing whether the vendor has met its objectives and how its product stacks up against the competition. With our new Tech Trackers you'll learn about new technologies as well as the key players developing the technologies and their prospects for success.

Shaping opinion and keeping you current are what our magazine does best. But there are some things we can do better outside the confines of the print magazine. One is delivering comparative product analysis when you need it most--as you're evaluating vendors. That might come as a shocking statement from a publication that's made its mark by doing complex comparative reviews, but it's true. An in-depth product review in a July issue isn't much use if you aren't planning such a purchase until next year.

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