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StorMagic Adopted in Wisc.

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- StorMagic, a fast-growing developer of iSCSI SAN management software, today announced that the University of Wisconsin Center for Health Systems Research and Analysis has chosen the StorMagic SM Series, an iSCSI-based Storage Area Network (SAN) solution designed specifically for small and medium organizations. The iSCSI solution from StorMagic brings enterprise-level capabilities to the center’s infrastructure while allowing it to grow over time without the added complexity and higher cost of the other storage solutions available on the market today.

The center works frequently with large existing data sets containing Medicare, Medicaid and, occasionally, private insurance company claims information to study quality of care in Wisconsin and beyond. In his role as director of information systems at the Center for Health Systems Research and Analysis at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Richard Ross has done extensive research into data storage options for the center’s applications and databases.

“We had been using a Dell storage area network with about 3 TB of usable space,” said Ross. “We installed that system in 2001 with 3 TB, but it eventually became very undependable. The vendor offered to let us exchange it for an EMC CX400 at an affordable price. The EMC SAN worked well, and we never had a problem with it, but it had far more features than we needed, and once the initial service contract expired, it would have been extremely expensive to renew. Also, since the sale price didn’t cover expansion, any growth in the system would have been prohibitively expensive as well.”

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