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Is Storage Growing a Brain?

6:00 PM -- For Raul Robledo, storage specialist with the Affinion Group, storage capacity planning used to involve freeware and a spreadsheet. His group used the freeware to gather performance statistics from switches and hosts. The spreadsheet -- or other desktop software, depending on who was doing it -- was then used to plot the freeware stats against actual applications deploying those hosts and switches.

The end result was apparently satisfactory, but it usually required someone on staff to become an expert in this home-made planning technique. And if that person left or was out, the job went undone.

Not the most modern method for a company boasting expertise in the 21st-century activity of relationship marketing.

Enter Onaro, whose latest application, SANscreen Application Insight, tracks the worldwide names associated with Fibre Channel connections along with application performance data in order to measure how well storage is supporting specific departments and tasks. (See Onaro Intros New Application.)

It's not cheap: To run this new app at $70 per port, you'll need SANscreen Foundation at $185 per port. It may or may not be worth it for the ability to validate service levels, match the right storage to the right apps, and depict which applications use the most storage resources.

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