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Storage Execs Scrap the Stodgy

5:35 PM -- Time was, if you weren't wearing a blue suit and tie, nobody would buy storage from you -- at least, not east of California. Data protection was a most serious matter, sort of like the military or the clergy. Having fun was alright for the rest of us, but not for the guys to whom we trusted our data.

Times have changed. Today, dark suits (for men or women) are optional. In fact, it may help to sport a hipper look, one that bespeaks youthful vigor and the ability to pull all-nighters as needed.

The new tech trend is typified by the Cluster-Funk band from Double-Take Software. (See They're With the Band.) In a heartening departure from the stodgy CEOs of yesteryear, Dean Goodermote knows it's safe to dance. Indeed, he appears to have spent much of the summer boogieing and playing bass on stage at various Microsoft events.

His latest gig was Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference in Denver July 9, where Cluster-Funk brought their "bold, strident guitar power" to the confab's welcome reception.

It's heartening to see the end of the time when your CEO didn't dance and your veep didn't rock 'n roll.

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